Smarthome Select Electronic Water Shutoff Valve, 3/4 Inch, 12V DC


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This electronic motorized water valve may be connected to an Insteon or other system to control the water supply to the house, a main irrigation valve or other water valve application. Added to an automation system, the valve may be used to automatically turn off water in case of a flood, or when you leave for vacation.

The valve is a stainless steel 3/4″ full port non-restricting ball valve for maximum water flow.

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  • Full bore/port non-restricting ball valve
  • Stainless steel construction
  • 3/4″ NPT threads
  • Operating voltage AC/DC 11V-15V (power supply not included)
  • Power draw: Approx 550mA @ 12vdc, 4W max power
  • Max torque 2 Nm
  • Recommended for indoor use
  • Connections:  common, open, close

Note:  Requires a controller such as Insteon part# 2450 IOLinc.  It does NOT have any radio on board for Insteon, Zwave, etc.


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